In this article, we are going to be discussing how to grow a Facebook Page through organic reach. 

grow a facebook page through organic reach

You can reach your audience on Facebook in two ways – either organically or through promoted posts. Organic reach doesn’t cost anything and it comes from just posting on your Page. Promoting posts is a form of paid advertisement. 

Getting To Know The Facebook Algorithm

Have you heard of “the algorithm” before, but you’re still unsure of what it actually means? Simply put, an algorithm is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.

Facebook has an algorithm that selects posts to show in a user’s feed. Content from friends, Facebook groups, and Pages all filter through the algorithm. Posts that are relevant to a user will be scored and tallied, then displayed in the user’s newsfeed from highest to lowest.

Working With The Facebook Algorithm 

The Facebook algorithm digests hundreds of data points, but we are just going to touch on three key points. 

To grow a Facebook Page focus on:

  1. Engagement: likes, comments, link clicks from the people that have seen the post so far.
  2. Who posted it: building on engagement level – if you usually post highly engaging content, your new posts will have a better chance of being seen. The opposite is true for posts with low levels of engagement. Therefore, your visibility will wither. 
  3. Post age: as a post ages, it’s score decreases.

It may be tempting to buy Page likes or followers but at the end of the day, they’re just a vanity metric. Purchased likes and followers will not engage with your Page, thus lowering your organic reach in both the short and long term no matter how good your posts are.

In the early stages of growing your Facebook Page, reach out to people you actually know. Ask the people that want you to succeed – friends, employees, and relevant professional contacts – to be your first followers. If your close friends like your Page, ask them to like, comment or just click on any links you post to get the engagement train rolling. 

Post more than just your website link. Aim to share knowledge, inspiration or entertainment. If your post can teach something or evoke emotion, it will stand out. 

As with most things in life, invest time in quality over quantity with your Facebook posts. Posting consistently, with engaging content is key. 

For example 1 post with 10 comments is greater than 10 posts with 1 comment. 

In short, engagement is an essential factor for growth on Facebook. 

Foster Engagement 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “read the room”? In this case,“the room” is Facebook. First and foremost, Facebook has always been a place for friends to communicate. Meet your audience where they’re at, by talking like a person, not just an advertisement.

The key difference between your Facebook Page (still focusing on organic reach) versus a traditional ad is that people have the ability to communicate with you directly, rather than just viewing your ad and wondering. Use Facebook to build rapport with your audience. Continue to foster engagement by responding to comments and questions in a timely manner. If days or weeks go by before a question is answered, you are going to lose their attention, your credibility and your organic reach momentum. 

Include a Question or a Call to Action

A call to action simply asks your audience to do something. For example, if you post a photo of two cups of coffee your call to action could be something like, “Who needs a coffee break right about now? Tag a friend worthy of the second cup in the comments!” Utilize calls to action to increase Page engagement, email list subscribers, conversions, contest entries and more. 

If contests and giveaways are relevant for your business, use them as an opportunity to increase engagement and grow your Page following. Use a call to action that requires contestants to like your Facebook Page, comment, and/or share a post with friends to be entered. Contestants will be excited and your visibility will increase. 


Posting Frequency

As we mentioned earlier, as a post ages the likelihood of it turning up in newsfeeds decreases. To keep your organic reach flowing post consistently so your presence doesn’t fade. Wondering how frequently you need to post? Facebook recommends posting at least once a week. If you have quality information to share, you could even plan to post once daily. If you find yourself posting two or more times every day your content could be viewed as spam, therefore affecting your Page negatively.  

Plan to post on your Page between once a day and once a week, and keep up with it. Create a social media calendar to organize and schedule posts. The two options for creating a post schedule are manual and automated. To manually manage your post schedule, create a spreadsheet and log on to Facebook to upload your content. Automate your post schedule with tools such as Buffer or HootSuite. Since both tools support multiple platforms besides Facebook, either would be useful if your business has profiles on other social networking sites. 


Action drives action on Facebook. Grow the organic reach of your Facebook Page, by striving for educational, inspiring, and/or entertaining content that is likable. When you commit to maintaining a Facebook Page be realistic about the time you have to spend on it. Figure out what will work for your business, be consistent and don’t be afraid to re-strategize if necessary. 

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